The Plan 

Building awareness and inspiring action of the community, platform and donor relations will be the largest immediate focus of our mission. We crowd source talent because scaling globally means people must take it to heart before they lend a hand.

Core Programming

 1) Programs that Fit- These are the programs that are central to our mission, most important to our community, our programmatic strength, leveraging across program causes, engagement opportunities and the reason we exist.

2) Programs that Attract- Aspirational to community, appealing to funders, demanded by clients, easy to draw interested resources, results that are reportable, ideas that are adaptable.

 3) Alternative Coverage Models- Completely unique, yet one of many community overlap.

 4) Positioning- Building constituency, quality of service and track record of program involvement making a difference, global concept with repeatable localization, one to one and one to many impact.

4 Ways Men Matter.png

•  Our work contributes to the end goal of changing people’s perspectives about how men can make a difference in women’s lives by embracing their causes in areas such as leadership, health, education, poverty. In short, our goal is measured in a metric of individual and group awareness. It is a social movement.

•   We work with men to focus on women’s empowerment rather than self-centered pursuits. The immediate benefits to them include improving society by decreasing social injustice, family benefits that come with a committed spouse and greater options for kids, better improved work/life, economic viability for all, and improved self through service and shared interpersonal relationships.

•  The issues that men are trying to address are those issues that make up gender parity for the World Economic Forum and much more.

•  The issues that women are trying to address are Economic, Workplace, Legal, Health, Family Parenting and Caregiving, Violence, Media, Exploitation, and Life Transition.

•  The short term changes to people are in knowledge, attitude, behaviors, skills, and condition.

•  The next level intermediate outcomes are aligning the national public agenda with local improvement plans, family gains in a change of spirit, hope, and love.

•  The end goal, the vision is, the result for the community is the assurance that if men decide to matter to women, there will be a new paradigm that is less painful for all people filled with experiences of belonging, interconnection, interdependence, and importance where both genders are free to grow personally and empower each other.

Our vision is men and women ending the war of the sexes (including the “mommy wars”) in order their full potential in peace as people unencumbered by sexism or gender violence.