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Who has less buying power?
If a woman has children, compared to a man she tends to earn?
If a man has children, compared to a woman does he tend to earn
All else being equal, if a woman earns money she is
When I grew up, my mother worked
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Adult men are more financially dependent upon women today than 20 years ago.
Women generally earn less when doing the same job as men.
Women enter the workforce with lower expectations than men.
Women tend to cluster in lower paying professions.
Women tend to gravitate toward lower paying positions in a profession.
Women tend to peak careers in lower level jobs.
In society, women have less power over their lives than men.
Women have been helpful to me in my career.
Women have been vital to my personal career success.
Women are in low paying jobs because they self-select them.
Women are at a disadvantage when it comes to finding career mentors.
Women value wealth and power that originates with their own efforts.
Women value wealth and power that comes to them from men’s efforts.
Women know how to compete for the best jobs.
The women I work with openly display personal problems at work.
Women often sabotage their own success.
A woman going to work compromises the family or children.
A man going to work compromises the family or children.
I have been personally used by a woman at work in a way that left me feeling negative toward her.
I have personally know a woman who sustained career damage for taking time off for family issues.
Feminism has negatively impacted how I am able to work.
Women have some seriously unfair advantages over men in the workplace.
One of my duties as a man is to protect women.
If I were a woman, I would take more advantage of my feminine assets than my female co-workers do.
Men do more than women to solve money issues.
I think feminism is good for men.
Women know what it takes to win in business.
Someone very dear to me is divorced.
The women’s movement is outdated.
Women have achieved equality of opportunity with men.
A woman, or women, is after my job.
All else being equal, I would rather work with physically attractive women.
Answering these questions made me feel somewhat uncomfortable.
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