Swag Donations

What usually happens to swag?

The initial use of swag is to give it away to prospective customers and clients.  Often, it is more cost effective for a company to dispose of their promotional goods, rather than transport and store them indefinitely, especially if the swag is no longer relevant to a particular promotion or initiative.  Once the useful life span of swag is done, companies often throw it away.

What should I do with my swag instead?

You should give your swag to us! Donate corporate items, virtual items (like points), or real items that can be resold or raffled.

What value is donating my swag to me or my company?

Your swag that would otherwise be disposed of continues to provide branding value in the community.

You don't have to spend time or effort to dispose of your swag.

Your swag lives on and is seen as a prize to children for working hard to learn more about your brand, ideals, products and services.

You make a child happy.

You help Men Matter to bring value to the community.